My bloody mobile (cell) phone is dying. Every morning when the alarm goes off and I switch it off, it is phoning the person who last called me (be it the previous day/week or whatever). This morning at 6.30 my phone dialled my sister, hopefully I managed to catch it before it started to ring because GAH I can just imagine the sound of yelling…

Yesterday morning, as with the morning before, the person who got called was my nan…Now, bearing in mind I have no idea why this is happening because I am certainly not pressing the “Please wake people up at an ungodly hour” button that must be hidden on the front somewhere, my nan is taking it very seriously…she is demanding that I do something about it – would if I could afford to, believe me…

So again, GAH…I am doing everything I can to prevent the problem, but as it is the only thing that has ever worked to wake me up in the morning I am at a bit of a loss as to what to do…I would love to replace the phone that has gone wrong more times than I care to think about – but money at Christmas is an issue…blerghle

2 thoughts on “Gah

  1. Eeek. That could get problematic. Can you switch the cell phone off as your way of turning the alarm off? That might stop it dialling all and sundry at ungodly hours of the morning.


    1. As a rule the phone is turned off when I go to bed…it automatically switches on when the alarm goes off…I have solved the problem though – went out and got a new phone…number will be pinging to you shortly


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