1 down…6 to go

Well, yesterday marked the day I will forever remember as the day I posted the crummiest essay I could have ever hoped to write about Pride and Prejudice. It may well be my ultimate favourite book, BUT that does not automatically mean I can produce a masterpiece about the narrative style used in a singular paragraph of it, this will be proven when I receive my mark for it in a couple of weeks time.

On a second note (that may or may not be connected in any way or means), I am tired. So very tired that I am sitting at my desk wondering why I had to get up. The bags under my eyes are definitely not Luis Vuitton, and they have bags themselves…hopefully the wonderful concoction of Clinique creams that I got in a set last year (aimed at helping my skin age more gracefully), will do something to counteract the horridness of this season’s affects on my poor combination skin and perform the miracles required to make me look human (or some semblance of that state in any case).

Well, it’s 7.30 and time for me to leave for the hell that is my job…I know I am big but they seem to believe at present I resemble two people, one being myself, the other being a colleague who is off on long-term sick leave.

Oh, and on another note entirely, what do you think of the new layout? Butterflies are so pretty.

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