Assessment 1

My first TMA for this year is due in next Thursday – yep, you read right – a week tomorrow.

First off I try very hard to be organised and schedule everything in so that I am not last minute Lara, BUT it’s really difficult to tell myself “do this” when I can see so many other things that could be using up my spare time (not that it should be spare, but you know what I mean!). So…this week I have decided that I am going to take next monday off and work on the essay all weekend (using Monday as recovery and lie-in day). The essay is about language, and the usage of said language in the writing of a single page of text in Pride and Prejudice (you know, I am really glad that the studying of the way this book is written hasn’t made it my least favourite book ever!!!).

1000 words may not seem like a lot, and indeed it really isn’t – but when it comes to writing about focalization and free indirect speech I am sure it is going to seem like I am expected to write a novel about it.

Well, I will update you on my progress where this is concerned come Monday (if I haven’t finished and posted it by then I reserve the right to panic and shoot myself in the foot for my dreadful procrastination).

Anyone have any ideas on how to push me into being more proactive and productive when it comes to deadlines (knowing I only have a few hours doesn’t do it because I thrive under that sort of pressure – and it’s not good)?

3 thoughts on “Assessment 1

    1. Funny thing is – that sort of thing would likely work…if it were a sort of “Five hours and counting” type thing. Realistically this assignment shouldn’t take me more than about 10 hours (at least I hope not), but knowing me I will faff for ages…My nan being a boost doesn’t help – you know what she is like (and according to her I don’t do anything when I get home because I don’t have children!


  1. I’m the queen of procrastination (remember all the times you emailed my account and it made my phone go off at five in the morning so I could study?) and even though I’m doing better in classes (I have an A in one and a B in another!) I still procrastinate like no tomorrow.

    P.S. Hi. 😛


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