Fic: Erotica

Unbelievable, after months and months and months of not having posted one single fic (I think if I go back I can find the last one was written and posted in April of this year – so over 5 months ago, but now, courtesy of having signed up for a challenge in late August I have something to treat you with.

Please make sure you pay close attention to the rating, as it’s definitely an adult fic, and not my normal fare either (in that while Luna is a main character, her partner is not Blaise).

Follow the fake cut

I have to send huge thanks to Erin, Laura, Caryl and Tee. Erin because well, she’s read much of this and liked it (gave a huge boost to my confidence), Laura because she read parts of the beginning and didn’t tell me it was crap, Caryl because she gave me the pairing and the title (you have no idea how crap I am at titles) and Tee because she gave me the idea of the reading 🙂 So thank you all…hopefully you will like and enjoy the finished article as much as I eventually enjoyed producing it.

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