Sometimes elderly people say the funniest things. Today my nan came into my room to make sure I remembered that she told me yesterday she wasn’t going to be home for the next two nights (YAY) and she said “You won’t ever need botox!”

Being me I just looked at her rather confused, trying to figure out why she thought I would ever inject botulism into my forehead for wrinkles that are only just starting to become visible and asked her “Why won’t I? And why would I ever inject my forehead with botox?”

Now here is where it gets confusing (at least for me) “Well, you’ve already got full lips!” Granted, my lower lip is rather full, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I am anywhere near close to the standard of Angelina Jolie.

“What? What does botox have to do with my full lips?”

“Well, it makes them fuller!”

I looked at her for a few minutes, trying not to giggle (which at the moment admittedly sounds like I should be working on a sexline because my voice still has that ‘I had a throat infection’ huskiness that a certain male friend of mine constantly tells me is sexy) and responded “Botox is for wrinkles and sorry, needle, face – not going to happen any time soon…And it’s collagen, Granny…Collagen is injected into the lips to give you a pout!”

Of course, here is where she got touchy about her memory and her age and everything else (as always), but the story is still funny…because my nan thinks I have a full pout!

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