I’m in hell…

Well, it’s a reasonable facsimile of it actually. This morning I woke up pretty early, and had a headache before the day began. I have been reading Great Expectations for the last week and never before realised how much boring crap Dickens wrote until the point where I had to struggle through reading it – the other books I have for this year I have had no problem with, but this one URGH!!!

Oh, and to top it off I got my smutty_claus assignment this morning and it’s dire. I have a choice of one ship, one set of circumstances that I can comfortably write and I am not at all comfortable with either of them. I have sort of said that I am not happy with my assignment but that I will struggle to write it, I can honestly say that it will likely be the biggest pile of shit out there so it would probably be better for me to withdraw from the entire proceedings. I enrolled out of curiosity, but now my curiosity has been abated I realise that I really don’t have the time to stress about writing a pairing I haven’t written for years and only put on my list to bump it up.#

Shout out to all on my flist – hope that you are well. Sorry missed last night’s chat…

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