Mini Update

Well, to be quite truthful not much is actually happening with me at present. So here’s a quick summary (of course, you all know I am obviously alive!

1. I have started revising for college already. The course starts in three weeks and I have a schedule up on my wall containing the first four books of the semester, I am halfway through book 2.

2. Work is as it ever was. Demanding and dull, and quiet. Of late the office has been so quiet that I have been turning my mp3 player up louder to dull out the sound of nothingness.

3. My cellphone is losing its charge so quickly it’s not true. I used it twice yesterday and having been full yesterday morning it’s now being recharged as I type.

4. I had a rather unwelcome and unpleasant blast from the past at a friend’s on Saturday night when she introduced me to her boyfriend and it turns out that not only do I know him, BUT he also knows all the people I really didn’t get on with at school.

5. Monday is already here again. What happened to the days when the weekend stretched out before you like a beautiful sandy beach (not the beach with all the sharp stones and pebbles that got into your shoes though)?

6. I started a fic. I signed up for the Weasley Autumn challenge thing, my date for posting is September 30th and I am totally blocked.

7. American film promoters should be shot…They made Stormbreaker look like a poor person’s Agent Cody Banks, right down to changing the title. HOW DARE THEY? Over here the title was as it was because of the books, but did they really have to change it to Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker?

Well, that’s it for me for now…anything else happens, watch this space!

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