Well, this isn’t quite the coup it sounds…Recently in my home town they have altered the public transport system. Initially I believed that this would be a good thing, more buses, more often. Unfortunately when it was launched this past Sunday it turned out that the bus system was actually diabolical. No one knows when buses are coming as they are more unreliable than they ever were, and to make matters worse they have taken out bus stops, changed the times of the buses (in some cases by a matter of mere minutes that in rush hour actually make all the difference), and we no longer have a bus from my road (which is rather long) to the local supermarket. All in all, not impressed.

So, today, before I started work (and after having only used the bus for the third time since the changeover) I wrote a 2 page letter full of bile to our local newspapers. They just wrote to me and confirmed that they wanted to publish my letter – seems that they have already received a considerable number of complaints.

If I were only using the bus once or twice a week I wouldn’t make a fuss – in fact, I probably wouldn’t say anything at all – but I rely on the bus day in day out to get to and from work, and if it’s not running in a way that could be considered satisfactory then the people that lose out are the people like me who rely on the so-called public transport to get from point A to point B on a day-to-day basis.

So there, something I wrote is getting published. I might have to start a “Raye writes complaints about poor public amenities” scrap book…

3 thoughts on “Published…

    1. Re: YAY!

      I very much doubt it – they are deaf dumb and blind when it comes to the people who use their service. They don’t go by the idiom “by the people for the people”. They go by “by the big people for the big people’s profits…sod the little people”, it’s unfortunate for us, but it will be unfortunate for them because there is a storm coming and it’s not only called Hurricane Raye, it’s Hurricane Bus Passengers.


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