I feel guilty. I have been off work since Monday, have been throwing up and all manner of other pleasant things that go with a stomach bug.

I don’t think I would feel so guilty if it weren’t for the fact that work is relying on me (although I still am confused over this as I am just a secretary after all) and I am letting them down.

For four and a bit days now my stomach has been cramping, I have been throwing up anything I eat and I generally have little to no energy at all (I have been going to bed to sleep at 11.30 at the latest and sleeping for a fair portion of the day and I am still tired).

Work is understandably getting a little bit annoyed with me, I would too if I were an employer, rather than an employee, but I am doing all I can, checking my email participating in calls, responding to queries, I just cannot find the energy to move too far, and I haven’t eaten anything that could qualify as food that stays down since Sunday afternoon!

I am going to the doctor’s today, hoping that he will be able to perform a miracle, although I very much doubt he will be able to do anything…but I will be asking for a sick note, back dated because work is not impressed. I cannot help that I have been ill, but they are losing their patience, and as I said, to a point I can understand their thoughts and feelings, but I have been doing some work from home!


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