That day…that day…

Urgh, for a day that was meant to be good this really isn’t turning out too well at all.

It all started off pretty crap really. I have been getting the hellish bus (why they call it public transport when it should really be called “exclusively for people who like spending 45mins travelling five miles on a good day” transport is beyond me but anyway) to work in the mornings, leaving the house at 6.55 and getting into the office at nearly 7.45 (see, told you, ridiculously long journey). This morning started with me oversleeping. It wouldn’t have been so bad had I not frantically headed for the bathroom only to notice that my nan was already up. Now normally she would have already called me by now, even on the days that I am off work to make sure that my day starts as crappily as she means for it to go on, but this morning, nope, not a peep. Anyway, I manage to have my shower and get dry, dressed and out the door in 10 minutes flat (miracle upon miracles), and even had time for a mini argument with my nan. I asked her why she hadn’t knocked my door as she normally does if she sees I haven’t moved from my bed. Well, here was her response “I don’t know what time you get up. I don’t know what time you leave for work…You don’t tell me anything.” Normally I woudln’t think anything at all of this, but just yesterday evening she said to me “You’ve been leaving really early, you were gone before I woke up this morning, what time did you leave?” And I responded with “I left at 6.55, I got up at 6.15 so I could have a shower, make my lunch and do everything that was needed before leaving the house at 6.55”. See, even said the time I left twice…so you can understand my irritation at her saying “I don’t know what time you leave…”

So point one on the “why my day was shit” list is that I overslept and managed to waste several of my precious minutes rowing with my nan over something pointless because she insists that I never tell her anything.

Well from then on the day could only get better, right? Wrong! My boss is determined that they are going to get their underpaid money’s worth out of me. I spent the entire day, from 7.45 when I got into the office, to 4.10 when I finally left (without a break) working on tasks that should have realistically been done by someone getting a better salary than I am currently earning. I was really trying to get things finished as I am not in the office tomorrow and my boss kept on piling more and more stuff on my desk and then asking me about ongoing projects and asking me when other things were going to be done, and to top it off we have a total effing idiot working with us part time who seems to think that I am the person that can resolve any issue in the office be it to do with stationery or computer supplies (neither of which are in my remit) and kept on interrupting my flow. Needless to say that when 4.10 arrived and I realised that not only had I done extra time anyway, but I had also worked through lunch, I couldn’t wait to get out of there, and so I was relieved to be offered a lift home – which meant that leaving at 4.10 I got home at 4.25 rather than 5.10!

I got home to find my nan (who has been in a snit for weeks) sitting on the sofa with her handbag on the sofa beside her, looking most affronted when I walked in the front door a long time before she actually expected me. Instead of responding to my normal “Hello” I got “Why didn’t you call. You always call when you are leaving, I wanted you to buy me some cigarettes and chocolate.” Well I would have loved to have known what the bloody hell she expected me to buy them with? Does she think that I am getting the bus to work in the morning for my health and sanity? It went even further down hill from there. I had just finished a bloody long day, a day that was 10 and a half hours long already, I was just sitting down on the sofa and it appeared that she wanted me to go to the shops to buy her cigarettes…I looked at her hoping that she was going to say “Just kidding” any second…but the seconds dragged by, the looks got harder and she eventually realised that having just done a really long day at work the offer to go was not going to be forthcoming at any point in the near future…if she wants the bloody cigarettes that badly she can call some other fucking dolt to buy them for her.

If all this isn’t just bully, she also decided to unblock the sink in the kitchen that we have been having problems with, now bearing in mind we haven’t actually had a plumber to look at our pipes in years (my nan would prefer to go with the free option of getting a relative to look at them – even if they aren’t qualified) she seems to think that the fact that our kitchen pipes are blocked and need replacing is a severe a) inconvenience b) impossibility c) too expensive to replace so we’ll just have to go without d) I’m going to have to buy a new sink now because the pipes are broken..<—no, not kidding, she really said that because the pipes were bust she would have to replace the sink too – I have no idea where she gets these thoughts from, I really truly don't.

Eventually, having had a fit worthy of a two-year old, she stormed off to the shops, having taken her phone off the hook because apparently the entire family is going to call and think that I am the devil incarnate because after a long ass day at work I haven't immediately jumped up and gone out to buy her effing cancer sticks with a salute and an "Of course I don't mind, I am not exhausted and everything else…"

Of course, that can’t be the end of it so here is the end. As she was storming out she said “You’ve got a day off tomorrow, so you’re coming shopping with us…” joy, she takes three hours to do groceries, bearing in mind my list is along the lines of ‘tomatoes, grapes, apples, salad veg, soda’ I don’t know why, but why the fuck should I spend my precious days off wandering around a supermarket for hours at a time? Do I not have anything else to do? I know that half of the shopping is mine, but if she wants me to start doing my shopping I will (bearing in mind last time we did that she moaned non-stop about how it was confusing because we had two pints of semi-skimmed milk open at the same time, mine and the one she had to buy for guests!), it will take me 10mins online a week!

I am not working tomorrow, so today should have ended on a nice note, instead it has ended with me venting a massive stinking pile of bile on my lj…probably won’t be read by everyone, and I don’t blame you if you skip right to the end. She is becoming unbearable to live with, I know that she is old, and I know that I can be awkward, but it’s not always my fault, except for according to her and her ‘It’s my house so you do what I say’ Rules it always is my fault, and if I argue with her I get the classic threat “You can just leave”. I would love to leave, but I don’t have anywhere to go…believe me, the moment I have paid off all my debts, the first thing I am doing is leaving here in the middle of the night, and I ain’t leaving her a forwarding address or phone number. I will leave an email address and if she wants to contact me she can buy herself a fucking computer…oh, and that’s another thing, bearing in mind I am at work all day, she wants to buy herself a computer because sitting on my bed to use mine is ‘uncomfortable’.


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