OMG Happies

Okay, my life is a pile of mush filled to the brim with regrets, but one thing I cannot regret (now that I have found out about it) is that I have actually managed to (somehow, and I don’t know how) pass my exam. Yes, that’s right, PASS MY EXAM!!!

I checked the website today (the results were meant to take 8 weeks – I am finding it difficult to come to terms with the fact that it hasn’t been quite 8 weeks yet but still) and the results were up. My pass grade wasn’t brilliant (in fact had it been a subject I had taken to and enjoyed I would have been devastated beyond belief) but it was a pass, which means no retake, just moving onward and upward to the next level and taking the next course – I am so happy and so unbelievably relieved that I can’t quite explain it. It’s brilliant :o)

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