ARGH – Can you believe this?

That thing which normally happens around this time in the morning, the thing that I struggle really hard to achieve when it’s overly warm and I am constantly trying to find ways to cool down? You know, that thing which happens at night when you close your eyes, even out your breathing and calm down…I was doing that until about 15-20mins ago when my nan decided to come into my room and WAKE ME UP.

A storm is going on here (or at least it was until about 5 minutes ago) and it was rather violent, but I was actually managing to sleep through it…so my nan woke me up to tell me “There’s a storm, I have unplugged my tv from the aeriel so that if lightning hits it won’t have an affect on the TV…”

Gee, I wanted to know that. I really care about that. I WAS ASLEEP!!!

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