Too darn hot

This weather is absolutely unbelievable. I never realised before that my body has this point where everything simply switches off and I can’t do anything else. I have been trying to work, and doing a relatively good job of it, but for some reason the back of my neck is dripping and my head actually hurts. I have a headache to rival the one I normally get when I have slept badly – you know, when you wake up and feel as though tied one on the night before (sure, you had a great time but the hangover is an absolute b*tch).

Friday I am going to the cinema. I keep on meaning to go and see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest but every time I think “Yep, I’ll go tonight”, I change my mind and decide that I would rather wait for a bit – not sure why. At the moment it is proving difficult to understand any of the workings of my brain…do I actually have one at all? Anyway, this Friday I am going to get the train (ugh, hot, smelly, poor running) and go to Chi to see Stormbreaker. I feel like a total perv when I look at the guy who plays Alex and realise that I wish there had been boys at school when I was there who looked like him, and would it be a bad thing to corrupt him anyway (here I have to add in the information that he is sixteen, which makes him legal here in the good old UK).

I don’t have much news, those of you who are my good friends know that I have recently been having issues with certain health things. I got my results yesterday, I have a benign tumour – much better than a malignant one, but still something they have to keep an eye on – believe me, I will be doing so. I went to the hospital with my mum and all she could say was “You are the only person I know who can make a fuss about nothing…Poor Hayley has to go this afternoon because she has a problem with her foot. I don’t know why you bothered going to the hospital about this.” I did feel like saying “That’s okay mum, I wasn’t taking our wonderful family history into account at all – they now ask about cervical cancer (which my mother has had because of the hormonal links apparently)…” sometimes she makes me so mad I could just spit!

Well, now I have found a brilliant way of updating without logging into the system at all (not really allowed at work don’t you know!) so I will be able to update when the mood strikes me rather than writing it all in a document and then sending it when I get home – that way lies the possibility of not updating at all because the info is out of date, or simply because I have completely forgotten…

See, I haven’t forgotten that I have this wonderful way of venting about stuff at all.

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