I did what I was told…

Today I had to go to the doctors. It took three weeks to get this appointment, and it’s been three months since my first appointment about the matter I went regarding.

I have been referred to the breast care clinic because the lump has not only not gone but it’s slightly bigger than it was when I first went.

I am not panicking (okay, I am), but there is no point in worrying until I find out what the thing is. He said that it could easily be a cyst or a fibroid thingy (the name I can’t remember properly, was sort of in a daze to be honest). I think if he hadn’t mentioned the fact that if a lump doesn’t hurt it is more likely to be problematic (mine doesn’t hurt and if it hadn’t been for accidentally finding the lump I wouldn’t have even known it was there) than if it is tender or painful…

Well, I am going to just wait until I have had my appointment at the clinic, the doctor has assured me that I will see them within two weeks, so that’s something relatively positive, right?

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