Bizarroland: Population 1

Okay, I don’t often write about my dreams on here, mostly because they are seriously disturbing, even for me (and that is saying something), but last night was just funny…and I mean funny peculiar rather than funny haha.

I was going to visit a friend in Malaga, and on the plane they showed a movie of what happens to tourists when they go abroad with flashy luggage, they get smiled at by other people with nice luggage and bumped into, and then it turns out that ‘nice luggage people’ help you to pick up your luggage before injecting you with a drug and then kidnapping you in their crappy sedan-type cars (did I mention that they have a car full of accomplice types with bald heads?).

Anyway, when we land at Malaga airport (somewhere I have to admit right here and now I have never been), I get off the plane and walk around the airport with my hand luggage searching for the luggage carousel. In the process of looking for this (which should be signposted) I find myself walking down steps (wet stone steps which I miraculously don’t trip on) into a shop, the sign by the door says The Caves: Toyshop. Of course I have to go inside to buy Ellie, Dylan and Josh something, because the shop is full of mermaid Barbie dolls with tacky plastic gold crowns and tall sceptres, and big boxes of cut price Harry Potter Legos.

It is while I am wandering around looking at these (thinking about how I wish they had brought out a Viktor Krum Lego set!) that I bump into Dan Radcliffe who is holding his hood up and trying to avoid a group of children who are following me around.

I follow him (although not obviously) for a bit and then sum up the courage to just go over and ask him for his autograph for Josh. I start by telling him, “I didn’t mean to follow you and normally I wouldn’t do this but I have two nephews and a niece, Josh is diabetic and a really big Harry Potter fan, Ellie likes ballet and Dylan dives (this is where the whole dream goes into bizarro land – no, really!) and I hope he doesn’t think I am being forward in asking for his autograph” (somehow here a notebook appears on top of a pile of stuff on one of the shelves). He starts off by telling me that he wishes he had never played Harry Potter, that he knows it was a great opportunity, but he wants to be able to do things again…

Somehow I end up persuading him to go with me for coffee in a small coffee place (I have no idea where it is, or how we get there), as we look out of the window I see the woman who was sitting next to me on the plane get bundled into a car by three bald men (and a bald little girl), and I start to tell him how he is lucky, that he shouldn’t waste his opportunities…and then the alarm went off!

As I said, a totally bizarre dream! Anyone want to even try to analyse it?

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