I am alive

I know that I have been really quiet now for a good few weeks. What with hospital appointments and exams, and then a really crummy time at work things have been a little bit hectic.

Work has been really diabolical. While I was away (study leave) they had a huge meeting in which they announced to all stuff that not only were the majority of staff not getting bonuses (i.e. all the staff that already got crap salaries) but we are also not getting pay rises. That’s fine, they have already lost about 50 staff in the last 4 months or so, some of them rather high up, including a Director…but now they are telling the staff that could really do with money because the mandatory payrises were a pile of pointless low numbers that they aren’t going to get anything extra. Needless to say, I am now looking for a new job!

All I really have to say to the idea of them is “Thank god that they are over…” well, that is of course guaranteeing that I passed them. If I didn’t then I will have to go through all that again in October, but at present I am just waiting and seeing!

Not much else is going on. I have been pretty much trying to write something that doesn’t resemble fanfic (and sort of managing), and trying to find a life that doesn’t focus entirely on studying and a job that shows no reward. Also I have been wanting not to spend all my time on LJ ranting about how crap things are.

And that’s it. Really this post is just an assurance that I am still around.

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