F*cking World Cup Shite!

I am sick to death of my nan getting in a mood with me. She came upstairs and having been told repeatedly “I am not talking about, listening to, watching, reading about Football, the world cup, David prickfest Beckham or anything else connected with a game that is being blasted onto TV screens nationwide,” my nan opened her mouth, and the only thing that came out of it was “It wasn’t a great game…” I then told her again “I hate football, I couldn’t care less if England got bombed out in the first, second, third round. If we win I don’t want to see it in the news, I am sure that there are more important things going on…” she got huffy and stormed out, muttering as she wandered down the stairs about how she only wanted a conversation. There are so many other subjects that one can talk about, why the bloody hell would she try and talk to the original Football (sorry, this is Soccer to you in the US) hater about a frigging football match?

I forgot, she also mentioned how she was sick of computers. I sat there for a moment as I digested this and thought to myself – but I don’t ever mention computers to you because you trying to understand them is like me trying to understand the fascination that most of the country has with a sport we haven’t won internationally for over 40 years (oh, and they still harp on and on about it as though we have been robbed every competition since when it is actually to do with the fact that the majority of our national teams are filled with foreign rather than national players…)

Ugh, first day and already it’s giving me a bloody headache. I swear, if anyone mentions that bloody sport to me again I will toss them out of a window without warning!

4 thoughts on “F*cking World Cup Shite!

  1. Sweetie, you’re alive! I was going to send you a text from the GP today but the stupid phone was playing up. I sooo know what you mean about the World Cup. They actually had to change the time of the race today so that people wouldn’t miss the game. As soon as qualifying was over there was a *stampede* to the nearest big screen to watch the game.

    BTW this ewntry was very difficult to type due to the amount of alcohol in my system. Some fucker keeps moving the compuer./ Or it could be me swaying. V nice wine tho.


    1. I am alive, a little bit stressed as my nan can’t understand the words “I’m studying” at all…but apart from that good. Sounds like you have had an eventful day – more bonuses coming Matt’s way?


  2. So what do you think England’s chances are…

    OW…don’t throw thigns at me!


    Cheer up, a few weeks of torture until it’s over.

    I returned your ping from gmail but I don’t know if you got it.


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