I Officially Hate Studying

I am currently revising for my exams (yes, I am aware that it is almost 3.30). My nan has just woken up (she went to bed at 11 last night) and asked me why I didn’t study yesterday during the day. I am trying to figure out what exactly she thought I was doing with all the text books strewn across my bed! I have been sleeping really badly of late, going to bed/to sleep at 5 or 6am and waking up at around 8.30 or so (if I am lucky). I started studying yesterday morning at 8am, took a 1hr break at lunchtime and then carried on. I am still studying.

My nan isn’t getting the “I can’t concentrate on a subject that I loathe…I can’t remember anything that I have read on this course over the last 9 months, it’s like I am living a chronic nightmare”. She asked me why I had the TV on, and when I answered with “It keeps me awake so I can study the boring crap I have to remember without falling into a coma” she said “I don’t want to hear your moaning, I don’t know why you are bothering to do the subject if you don’t like it.”

While she (and most of my family) dropped out of school/college/jobs they didn’t like to procreate and marry (in her case a total shithead who also happens to be my grandfather), I actually have a desperate need to stop being a stomped on secretary.

I swear, if I hear (one more time) how hard my sister is working, how she is doing her revision in bed in the evenings, and while the children are at school, and she has been studying for the last two weeks I will hit my nan on the head with something hard. It’s as though it doesn’t matter that I have a job, I am struggling to study a subject that has absolutely no interest for me, and remembering things like dates and historical politics, religion and philosophy (none of which I had been made aware would be part of the curriculum until it was too late for me to change the course I chose) because my sister is going to need someone to babysit for her while she is in her exam next monday…Oh, did I forget to mention that my exam is also next monday?

Thus endeth the rant – I have about 5000 words of bile left from a five minute conversation my nan just forced upon me at 3.20am…and she also expects me to go shopping with her tomorrow, because apparently I am off work to entertain her, not to revise…Go figure. My family officially SUCKS!

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