Bad Memory = Bad Raye

I forgot the birthday of two of my buds online in the last 10 days – I know that that is bad, my memory is the shittiest ever and I blame it all on just one thing – my medication.

dream_mancer I can’t believe I forgot your birthday – we can sort out appropriate atonement…text me and I will do anything (reasonable) to make up for it.

Rondastarr again, I am sorry…am chatting with you right now, and again, sorry…Argh, I am getting senile in my mid-age…And what is weird about England having a beach? We are an island…

One thought on “Bad Memory = Bad Raye

  1. It’s totally okay. Don’t freak out. *I* forgot my birthday. Seriously. Three days beforehand, when asked why I was having a party, I started to say ‘just because’ when dad interrupted and said it was my birthday. Doy.

    Now that work has eaten up my life, I can never got online. I went to sleep at 9:15 Friday night. 9! Bleh!


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