My Feet…

I have just spent the entire evening working to prepare for my dinner party tomorrow night. To mark the fact that my grandmother is away in Canada and I am now on holiday myself for two weeks I have invited some friends over for a three course meal. I am starting with garlic soup, with fresh bread rolls, followed with a chicken roulade and rosemary and tarragon potatoes, and the finishing with a chocolate swirl mousse (that’s white and dark chocolate with layers of fresh strawberries in a tall wine glass).

Since I got in I have washed and cleaned the cutlery and crockery and put it away again, put away a load of shopping, entertained my sister and her three children (none of whom wanted to go home), and then made two different kinds of chocolate mousse and four loaves of bread. I also washed the sheets for two beds and remade them, hoovered, fed the cat, cleaned the house and did about four loads of washing up…it’s nine now and I have just sat down. I actually feel like I have been productive for the first time this week, and I think I might well treat myself with some ice cream!

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