Peculiar Strange

For weeks all I have been able to think about is that on the 24th my nan was going to be leaving for 3.25 weeks to go to Canada for a wedding. Now that she is gone all I can think about is the fact that the house is too quiet, that I can’t be bothered to cook when I get home from work, and if Mulder (the cat) scratches my face at 3am tomorrow morning he may well find himself thrown across the room. I also discovered that the reason I have no money in my bank account is because on Saturday I stupidly charged MY DEBIT CARD for the groceries when my nan had given me hers to charge the shopping against. Had I known that I was going to be charging my own card I would have purchased ice cream, as it is I had no idea and now I am stuck paying for something I can’t afford (or should I say I paid for something I couldn’t afford) without even being aware of it. That said, as my nan is under the illusion she has already paid for it – right down to taking the receipt to put in her files – I am going to buy groceries this week on her card as a) I can’t afford them, b) I can’t buy anything until I get paid and c) I have realistically already paid for things like toilet roll and kitchen paper, and 2 bottles of wine! ARGH, why didn’t I check?

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