Freaking out a little bit right now

Normally I wouldn’t post something like this on my lj, but right this minute I don’t have anyone in real life I can confide in. I found a lump. I am trying very hard not to freak out, but not doing a very good job of it. Over here in the UK they don’t test women for anything unless they have a history of it in the family, or they are over 55, fortunately we don’t have a history, unfortunately (or sort of fortunately, if you get what I mean) I am under the age of 55.

Tomorrow is a bank holiday which means that no GP surgeries are open, but that is only making that little panic noise in my head drone on louder…Trying desperately not to just burst into hysterical tears right now.

5 thoughts on “Freaking out a little bit right now

  1. I had a lump a little over a year ago (we’re talking breast lump, right? You didn’t actually say where you were lumpy). Had surgery, it was benign. The overall process was not that bad – not something I’d do for fun, no, but not horrible. The surgical recovery was pretty quick and not that painful. I did, however, lose any shred of modesty I may ever have had, as I think I was fondled by every nurse, doctor, ultrasound tech, etc., etc., within a five mile radius. (I’m not sure how that works in the UK, but in the US I had to go to my GP, then my OB/GYN, then the radiologist for an ultrasound, then the surgeon for a consult, then the anesthesiologist for a consult, then the day of surgery there was the admitting nurse, then another nurse, then the surgeon again. Yay fun.)

    So anyway, I know just where you’re coming from with the panic, but try to breath. It’s probably not that bad.



    1. Sonia,

      Thank you. I needed someone to talk sense to me. Having another bank holiday to get through and now being unable to sleep I really needed someone to just say “there is nothing to worry about no matter what it is…” You are right, yes it is in my breast, it’s about the size of a giant marble…okay, need to distract myself as there is seriously nothing I can do about it until Tuesday anyway.


  2. We have a history in my fam. My aunt found one in her breast. It turned out to be nothing. Worry when it’s something to worry about, but if it makes you feel better, I took a doll out for you tonight. Said a little chant.

    Worry when it’s something to worry about. *HUGS*


    1. I wish that it were easier. I am doing my best to be logical and sensible, but I have never been good at it, and it’s sad when online is the only place I am getting the calming remarks.


  3. Am worried about you. Its been ages since we’ve spoken mainly b/c I’m a slacker and a horrid friend. How are you? Do you know anything else? As you know I’m on break so I’m here all day for you so ping me please.
    Love you,


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