Secrets Meme – I was tagged!

I am going to do this, BUT I am not going to tag anyone, mostly because this is a difficult one for me to do and I am sure it would be just difficult for most others to do it too.

The Secrets Meme

Rules: Reveal 5 secrets. Do not use specific names. Tag 5 people when you are done.

1. I hate the way I look and can’t stand to see my reflection in a mirror so I don’t have one in my room at all.

2. I get uncomfortable when some members of my family try and hug me.

3. I have written porn at work.

4. A member of my family once saved my life although they never realised it.

5. I put on a brave face even for my closest friends when really I worry about anything and everything.

2 thoughts on “Secrets Meme – I was tagged!

  1. I love and adore you. I think you’re beautiful no matter what you look like. I’m the SAME way. I’m constantly worrying about anything and everything.

    So…wait…are you saying if I gave you one of my Tee Bear hugs…you wouldn’t hug me back?

    Sniff Sniff.



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