Random Observations

What is up with British TV?

I have been looking recently (due to changes in the way that Sky notes the favourite channels) at what I watch on TV. I used to have something on almost every single night of the week; I would have to tape something on one television in order to watch something on another. Lately though I have noticed this is not the case. Monday I resort to watching DVDs, Tuesday I have 1 hour of TV in the form of CSI Las Vegas (used to be two but I have had to give up one of the shows in favour of the other because of the move that they have made). Wednesday I have 1 hour (Desperate Housewives). Thursday (and here’s the kicker), if my viewing was stretched out properly, rather than all clumped together in one big unwatchable solid I would have 4 hours, as it is I have three (Cold Case, House, Boston Legal and Bones). Friday I have Bones (if I remember). Saturday I watch nothing but DVDs and read. Sunday I currently have Taken, but this will change in two weeks when the series ends.

It is frightening to realise that because of just seven shows (and the occasional film) I pay over £40 a month (in my rent) for the privilege of having a TV in my room (granted this is the only way I can actually get a signal because I don’t have an aerial).

Tonight is the night of no tv, which means I will spend the time either channel hopping (which is admittedly a waste of time but I can’t seem to help myself) or I will do the homework I faked doing yesterday in order to get out of spending Mother’s Day with the family (does this make me a bad person? I spent the day before with my mum and I spend every Tuesday with my sister’s children).

I bought a new pair of shoes yesterday (primarily because they were pretty, but also because I own two pairs of shoes – well, a pair of trainers and a pair of winter court shoes that go with precisely two things I own, neither of which are summer/spring), they will be delivered on Thursday or Friday, in time for the girlie night out I am participating in at a Mexican restaurant…fajitas and tequila (perfect mix).

Have you ever had doubts about someone’s honesty? I am struggling really hard to decide whether someone is telling me the truth or not. She tells me (and others) that she has a very randy younger boyfriend (who is also by coincidence a very good friend of her ex and her ex’s brother). Now, said ex’s brother has (supposedly) been chatting with me online, but every time I talk with him I can’t help wondering if it’s not her having a laugh. I mean I could easily pretend to be other people online – in fact, when I first started surfing the net all those years ago (and it is a considerable number now) I did, purely because I felt more confident about deceiving people then – now I am a bit more uncomfortable about doing so. Do I believe her when all these other people chat with me at her place on her computer? Or do I take it all with a very large pinch of salt and doubt every single word? She doesn’t come across (in real life at least) as a liar, but then a person online isn’t always who they appear to be. It’s very frustrating for me, I hate being lied to, and more than that I hate the thought that I am being lied to, it makes me doubt the person that I am talking to, and makes me uncomfortable about talking to them…

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