Shave the bloody porn movie mustache off, please…please…please.

Anyone who is watching the latest series of CSI will know what I am talking about. It’s giving me nightmares.

4 thoughts on “OH GOD MAKE IT STOP

    1. It is terrifying, it’s like the thing that was growing on Lupin’s lip in PoA…Porn extra…should get a salary, and then they could fire it!


      1. Snicker.

        POA *destroyed* any chance of me shipping Remus. I was all happy to read the Tonks/Remus fics until the movie came out.

        Thankfully Living TV has 3 episodes of hottie Nick each week to balance out Five’s scary facial hair version.


      2. I know exactly what you mean. And did you see that Five is starting to air Grey’s Anatomy from next week…it’s such a good show if you haven’t seen it already…much better than so many others, even eclipses VM for me.


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