I didn’t visit LJ for just 1 day and it became like a productive factory, 60 posts to read through – sure, some of them were community posts, but for the most part they weren’t.

cissasghost your friends’ icon is really pretty, nothing too complicated, but gives across the message well.

pinkpunk713 you know where I am if you want to talk.

msgordo sounds like you are heading for a great adventure (although I doubt you will read this post).

All in all my productive weekend turned to crap. Somehow I managed to pull 1.5 all-nighters and to make the exhaustion even better I managed to lean over and re-damage the nerves in my left thigh (they seem to be desperate to injure), also had another problem that I won’t gross people out with, but needless to say, two showers so far this morning and I still don’t feel clean.

My HP DVD is providing me with hours of entertainment, as is the bit of the course that finally fits the description that I was given – art history! Next week it will be Faust, but this week it is Turner et al.

I am ahead on the homework – got 20 pages read while I was trying to ignore the chronic leg cramps and things that beset me over the weekend.

Oh, and my nan obviously has realised how crappy I feel about the whole thing because she brought me a cup of tea this morning – she is of the British generation that believes tea is the cure-all, but it does make you feel a bit psychologically better when you are about to give up – so in that respect perhaps it is.

I have done no writing this weekend although I did have the time and I feel as though my mind is festering. Help!

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