Not Good

Well I am so not the happy bunny.

Last night I went to sleep at around 8pm and missed the last part of the The Poseidon Adventure (although I am more than sure that Sky will repeat it at a time when I can watch) because I had a pain in my stomach. It is now nearly 8am and the pain hasn’t gone. It hurts like hell when I touch it, I feel rather nauseous and a little bit overheated.

My no nonsense part (which admittedly is tiny) is telling me that it’s nothing that it will go away and I should just buck up and go to work without worrying…the other part of me, my “worry about everything this side of the sun” side (the part that is huge) is telling me that I should go to the doctors. The pain has only succeeded in getting worse over the last 12 hours rather than gone away like any normal pain (except for that pulled muscle (spasming thing) in my back last month.

Well, colour me so not surprised at my nan…”It’s nothing I am sure” (when did you become a doctor?)…and the sensible “You cannot be serious, the doctors? It’s just a stabbing pain…” side of my brain. Oh well, I am still sitting here and my phone is ready to dial the doctors, but to be honest I am getting a little bit fed up with all these stupid things that keep happening to me!

One thought on “Not Good

  1. *hug*

    I’m sorry you hurt.

    Have you ever tried getting a reflexology massage? Apparently my sister thinks it’s gonna help her have a kid. Perhaps it could help with any and everything.

    I really do hope you feel better SOON though! :/


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