A Nation of Bad Taste

Well this weekend marked the realisation that Britain is filled with people with the most appalling taste.

On Saturday night we had the Eurovision song contest “pick a song to enter” thing, of course hosted by Terry Wogan…well, the most appalling crap ever (and I am not saying this lightly) won. A pervy 40-year old man (if not older) surrounded by girls in short school skirts and ties rapped (and again I use this term loosely) his way through a song about teenagers…and it WON!

And then yesterday Chico, the runner up (or one of them) in British Pop Idol got to number one in the charts…

Okay, what the heck is going on? People are voting for Labour, voting for old perverts to represent our country in Europe and Chico is number one…

What is the hope for our nation?

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