Strange Request – but if you can…

I know that this sounds like a very strange request, but we are doing a serious survey for a research paper at work and now I want to ask you – as my flist – to take part.

Get a ruler, your significant other and please…don’t giggle (I am not asking you measure something rude)…measure the length of the gap between his nipples, from the centre of his left nipple to the centre of his right (or vice versa the direction isn’t important really).

Send this width (in inches) either to me as a response to this post, OR email it to me…then encourage all your friends to do the same and get them to email it to me.

Yes, it is a weird request, but it is for a good cause.

Oh, also send me their ages…

Please pass this on…

Oh…and if you don’t have a significant other, just go up to a stranger and ask if you can measure him (the younger the better really) – no, I am kidding…unless you fancy the idea of measuring the nipple distance of a total stranger…could be a good pick up line!

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