The strangest dream

I had the strangest and most frightening dream last night/this morning. My alarm kept on going off but snooze is a good friend so I kept on pressing that for an hour.

Anyway…back to the dream!

I dreamed that I had woken up and turned on my computer and then all of a sudden a message flashed up saying that there was a terminal error and shutdown was in progress. I watched in terror as all my files (including my fics, screencaps, icons, and homework) were summarily deleted and there was absolutely nothing I could do to bring them back…I watched as the computer rebooted and (in something worthy of a poorly researched made-for-tv film) a load of reload screens came up resetting the system including the language, the clock, the software etc…that is the point when I woke up.

Needless to say, the first thing I did this morning when I woke up was to backup all those files that I until now have been confident were relatively safe and they are now on TWO (yep seriously TWO) backup disks.

From now on I am doing a back up once a week…that dream scared me witless.

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