At Last…

After over 14 and a half hours I have finally finished the hell that was the worst essay to be written by me on record. I had to edit and edit to get it down (can you believe it) to under 2000 words. The essay is probably going to garner me the shitest grade I have ever obtained in my life, BUT it’s done. I know that I say that every essay I write is crap, and every time I am proved wrong, but this one was seriously the hardest one I have had to write, I have cried several times today and it initially took me over 2 hours to write just over 100 words, but now it is done, spell and grammar checked and I did it all on my own – I don’t have the luxury of a mother who will discuss the finer points and help me write it and a nice sister to read over it and check it for spelling and grammar errors after typing the whole frigging thing up…nope, I have to do it alone.

Sorry, am a bit bitter that I have just wasted the whole of a saturday – and yes, that is the WHOLE of the saturday because I spent the day off I was meant to use writing it doing my sister’s frigging homework instead, and get this, she got a B…bitch!

2 thoughts on “At Last…

    1. Yes, it is done. I am really relieved. It sucks, BUT it is done, emailed, printed and in the envelope ready to go tomorrow…but I have no stamp!


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