Does anyone else have this problem?

Every morning/evening when I log onto the net the last thing to start working is MSN. Well, that’s if it decides to work at all. This morning is the perfect example. I log in to the net and get another frigging indecipherable error message which suggests I bring up the connectivity wizard which (again) doesn’t work.

I am sick of this. Granted sometimes Yahoo takes a bit of time to connect, and the smilies in AIM suck ass, but for shit’s sake, at least they work.

I have a friend that I chat with who can’t chat on anything but MSN, something to do with security and firewalls at her workplace, which means when I can’t connect I can’t talk to her…but being completely honest I am a few moments away from saying F*CK it and throwing MSN down the toilet. It disconnects at least five or six times an evening, and that is only if I manage to get it to connect to anything at all.

Am I the only one who has this issue, and if not why is it such a crap service? It’s Microsoft, supposedly an up to date, good service, but every time I get that effing “Troubleshoot” window come up when it connects to jack shit I want to ask what exactly they are lying about. Why bother updating something that you can’t even frigging connect to on a good day?

Thus endeth the rant about MSN – it’s a rant I have wanted to have for quite a while.

Oh, and on another matter (although a rant too) my nan broke our oven! I know exactly how she did it, but what remains confusing is why she tried to do something that she knows was only going to end in disaster. She decided to clean the oven, which involved taking the extra layer of glass from the door…now, you have to bear in mind that my nan has severely reduced strength in one arm and with the other hand she can barely lift a hardback book (of course if she tried to lift the book with two weaker hands rather than one (because she carries a fucking cigarette permanently attached to the appendage) then there wouldn’t be a problem – at least with the book but she had to do it…so now we have no oven, on the day that I NEED an oven to bake a birthday cake to take into the office. So yesterday evening I spend much of my online time trying to find a decent no-bake cake recipe that doesn’t contain eggs. I am having a bloody birthday party on Friday night, how am I meant to cook for it without an oven? My nan spent much of her evening moaning on and on and on about how she can no longer do anything. Oh, and how good it was that my hands were cut to shit by filing because (and this had me looking at her in abject horror) I get paid for it. Now somehow that does not make me feel better about having slices in every fingertip courtesy of the journals I was handling, but of course I get paid so I am better off than Madam “I have savings but I want to be a whiny cow about spending them because I am a martyr who must be seen as giving up everything because I did something I knew I hadn’t the capability of doing in the first place”.

And then she has the gall to suggest I take a box of Quality Street into the office instead of my homebaked profiteroles. Yep, Quality Street! Now, there is nothing wrong with QS, they have their place, but it is not anywhere near celebrations for my birthday (mostly because I hate them).

One thought on “MSN

  1. I loathe MSN and refuse to install it. To get around the problem of IMing people on different clients, I use Jabber.

    Jabber is the protocol that allows you to talk to people on Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, MSN and more. But you use different programmes to access it.

    I use Psi, but Trillian and Gaim are prettier. They’re a little weird to setup, you have to create an account on the fly, but worth it.

    I checked through the public server list (old version) and picked one that ran all the services I was interested in. It was a matter of filling in my made up on the spot account details (, for example) during install and if user wasn’t available, I got told to pick something else.

    Drawbacks: You will need an account on each of the services you wish to use; Yahoo, MSN, etc, and it can’t send offline messages to the external services like you can between native services.

    On the bright side, you don’t have to battle with MSN any more.


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