Decisions, Decisions

I am currently sitting here wondering whether I should colour my hair or not. This is a very small dilemma but at the same time it is the one that I have decided to focus upon for the time being.

At present my hair is this sort of mousy brown (mostly because the shiny brown it was meant to be didn’t quite work in the way that it should have done). I decided after a few days that I didn’t like it, and came to the conclusion that it needed to be darker in order to be nice and smooth and shiny…so I went to the store and when I couldn’t find the exact shade I wanted I bought one a shade darker. This one is called deep frosted brown, and it really is a deep brown but I am not sure…should I be daring?

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6 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

    1. Three weeks. I am one of these people who colours their hair at the drop of a hat when they don’t like how it turned out. This particular shade (the one I am wearing) isn’t a decent colour at all, it’s this wishy-washy dirty colour.


      1. You should be careful how often you color it, it can thin out your hair prematurely. I usually wait about 2 months between colorings, but three weeks isn’t too bad, and if you are unhappy with the color, I’d go for it.


      2. I used to wait around five months between colourings as I would highlight it myself, but this colour is so much of nothing, I just don’t know if I am daring enough to go so dark. Part of me really wants to, I am pale as hell so dark makes me look rather gothic (or at least vampiric) but still…And aren’t you meant to be going out to dinner?


      3. I am. I’m all prettily dressed right now and looking quite girlish with makeup and everything. I’ll leave in about twenty minutes. Don’t want to seem over-eager.


      4. You must be keen. Go out and have a good time, just don’t drop your fork to move under the table k? Although that might make a good headline in the local paper…


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