Valium = oblivion

Oh, I have been given valium. Apparently I have a muscle spasming in my back, and the valium is going to help me handling the pain. Well it does much more than that. I have been asleep most of the day, waking up twice, once to take the second pill and have a brief brief chat, and the second time to have dinner…I have to wait until I can take the third pill, but all signs point to pleasant oblivion which is only disturbed by my moving. I have relatively little upper body mobility, my right arm has started to go numb at the shoulder and my spelling is constantly checked because my concentration has been shot all to hell.

I just thank goodness for the valium because without it I would be in an even worst state…

2 thoughts on “Valium = oblivion

    1. I am up…I will be up. I am tempering when I take the valium for the simple reason 2 little pills knocked me out for the whole day today and I need a little lucidity at some points, even if it is painful…


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