A Week is Too Long

Wow. Just wow, that is all I can think of right now. Behind a cut because I guess it is counted as spoilers.

Well that is definitely a fantastic episode. Christina Ricci was brilliant as Hannah, the panicked paramedic, and the sheer tension that filled the episode. Part of me knew that the man on the table after the accident was Bailey’s husband, but the other part of me was still waiting for confirmation. Things can’t ever be easy, but seeng her terror when she was telling George at the end that the baby was going to have to wait because she wasn’t going to have him or her without her husband there almost made me cry.

I haven’t been disappointed by one single episode of this show yet, and Sandra Oh so deserved that Golden Globe and the SAG award. She isn’t the best, but she is a very very good actress in a cast of very good actors and actresses.

If you haven’t seen any of this yet, I recommend you beg or borrow copies from elsewhere.

I can’t believe I have to wait a week to find out how everything ends.

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