It’s what?

This morning I woke up…like you are wont to do on a week day…and for a full 20-minutes I was feeling rather jubilant. “It’s Thursday…” my mind was shouting rather merrily. “It’s Thursday…just one more day after today and it’s the weekend.” Then I came down to earth with a bump loud enough and painful enough to be equated with Lucifer’s fall from heaven. “No, it’s Wednesday.” <—this I actually said aloud in horror. "Oh sh*t!"

There you have it, the summation of my thought for today. We spend our whole lives saying “Life is too short.” We look at our older/sick relatives and tell ourselves that we have to make things last, that one day they will be no more and life was “too short” to do everything we/they wanted to do.

If this is the case, why do most of us (and I know I am not the only one) wish the majority of our lives away because we are in a place we aren’t (for the most part) overly happy. How many of us wake up on Monday morning groaning because the weekend vanished in a puff of smoke (or a few too many glasses of wine/vodka/whisky on a Friday night) and wish that the whole week would go just as quickly so that it was again Friday afternoon at 4 (or 5 or 6 or whatever time your final shift for the working week finishes [of course this doesn’t count for those who work the weekend and have other days off, but you get the picture]) and you were headed home for that heavenly 2-day break where you didn’t have to get up and immediately try and pretend you were paying attention to what you were doing.

I know that life is short, I am just 2 years younger now than my dad was when he died (only 1 year younger than he was when he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia), but still I cannot help that horrid monday morning feeling. I get up (no matter the day of the working week) and have to mentally steel myself for it, desperate for it to be over.

I know that this is a rather random post, but my thoughts this morning were incredibly focused on the fact that instead of the day I had believed it to be it was the day before, which meant a whole other day of work!

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