It’s cold

I am absolutely freezing. My fingers are stiff and my typing is appallingly slow. I keep on giving them blasts of hot air with the hairdryer, but realise that I am battling a lost cause, especially as apparently it’s caused by Raynaud’s and I will, like the rest of my family, suffer from the frozen and numb fingers for a considerable period of time!!!

Today was fun. I spent my entire day going through archived emails from my predecessor, for some reason she had decided that she wanted to keep them all to herself so I spent 7.75 hours looking through them to find stuff that she couldn’t be bothered to send to anyone else, OR save on the system.

Well I have little to no news, I have another module starting (well, it really started last week, but I am never on schedule for anything) and I am going to do my best to finish this on time so that I can have some time off for my birthday.

Hope everyone on my flist is fine.

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