Procrastination is my enemy…yet she is also my friend

Yep, it’s that time of the month again – no, this is nothing to do with godawful pain or anything – it’s time for another crappy essay to be sent in to my tutor for marking. The problem this month is: I haven’t written it. It’s due in tomorrow (Friday) and I have still not put one single word down on the page (I have about half a page of notes). This is an extreme form of procrastination.

I am suffering a major block where this assignment is concerned. No offence meant to anyone on my flist who believes in God, but having to write a 1700 word essay about a politician whose entire political career was all about something that I have no care for is proving to be very difficult to write. If the subject had been anything but this guy’s religious committment I would have probably already written and posted it by now.

Why did the OU have to lie through their arses about what this course entailed? So far we have done Opera, Napoleon and now William Wilberforce. Had I known how much CRAP the course contained I swear I would have found another way to get the credit I need.

2 thoughts on “Procrastination is my enemy…yet she is also my friend

  1. Is it possible to take your annoyance with the guy’s stance and stin it your own way? Is he really religious or is he using religion as a front to pander to the great unwashed masses, hiding behind a public face while screwing everyone over out of the public eye? Does he strike you as genuine or fraudulent?

    And if all else fails, bullshit. It works for politicians.


    1. He wrote around 100 pages using very few commas, fullstops or paragraphs, luckily we only had to read 30 pages of it, but as with Don Giovanni I struggle to stay awake to read any of it. I have determined that with the aid of many tic tacs, a gallon of diet soda and a 1 litre flask of coffee (2 tsp a cup) I may well manage to get something that resembles an essay written. This guy was sincere all right, his entire career was centred around his beliefs!


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