Strange Dreams

I had the strangest dream last night. Not just a little bit unusual, but all out strange, and I can remember pretty much all of it.

I was returning to work after an absence of some time (but the time period was actually now, or some strange facsimile of now) and I was returning to my old job in the old office where I was absolutely miserable. My work colleagues were one of the ones I work with in my new job, and a girl who still works in the old department (a girl I would say is a good friend, but at the same time is annoying when it comes to work). I was sitting at my old desk looking at a brand new huge double-door fridge (American style) complete with a dozen cans of normal *full-fat* coke in the door and at the back of the fridge on the third shelf was a great big glass box containing some glasses covered in ice cubes that every so often melted and reformed (yep, strange).

Anyway, said annoying girl came to sit next to me and said how she had been fired for no reason and started to get all upset and angry, then another colleague came up to me and said how there had been good reasons – at which point she opened up my computer and brought up this great big long log of all the things that said older colleague had apparently done wrong. I mentioned how there was no way you could deny something that was there in black and white for all to see…to which said older colleague started to respond when my old boss – still very pregnant (incidentally she has actually had her baby and is on maternity leave) – walked up to stand beside my desk, and mentioned that there were new plans that I probably wasn’t going to like, and they were rather horrible, but since she now had a job working for Beyonce and some other popstar in America she didn’t care…

I carried on watching the ice cubes fill up for a while and then the fridge broke – or rather older colleague who had, in this dream, been fired, started to complain that the wine she brought in for our mid-morning drink wasn’t getting cold enough. A young man (very plain which is unusual for my dreams) came to tell us that we needed to place the bottles upright in the fridge door if we had any hopes of making them cool properly. He also recommended that we get a bottle of room temperature red and mix that in with the white when we had our drinks as that would make sure no one knew that we were spending our mornings drinking.

And then the alarm went off…

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