Sleep (or the lack thereof) and other things

Well today I managed (finally) to get up at 7.10, which meant I had just over 30 mins to get ready for work, it’s 7.30, so obviously I have managed it, but even so…

I am finding sleep is my enemy. No, seriously. Monday night I couldn’t get enough of it, by 10.30 (probably earlier) I was asleep, woken at nearly 2am by something falling on the floor, and then back to sleep again by 3. Last night…totally different story. It got to 1.30 and I realised that I needed to sleep, and despite being tired it just wasn’t happening. 2am comes around and I am still awake, still staring at the ceiling (by this time I have turned everything electrical off in the bedroom. 2.30 comes and goes. Finally, it’s nearly 3am and I am starting to drift off. Sure, I didn’t get a restful sleep, I was up later than I should have been this morning and I am headachy, irritable and feeling extremely negative.

Now to something that worries me. Well, as my dear-deceased grandfather-uncle would say “Can you do anything about it? No? Well stop worrying until it happens.” I happen to think that while these are VERY wise words they are also not very helpful. Yesterday I overhear my boss saying something about February 28 (my contract renewal day), and in almost the same breath (before closing the door to continue his long conversation) mentioning “No, I didn’t definitely tell her that it was…” my brain immediately went into “Oh crap, they aren’t going to renew” and then I panicked “what kind of shitty job am I going to end up in next…”

Well, I have to go, I have much more to say…but I will be back…I feel a bit blah today (what’s new) and want nothing more than to go back to bed and sleep for a few hundred more hours…but alas, that is not to be.

3 thoughts on “Sleep (or the lack thereof) and other things

  1. Well by law, not renewing a fixed term contract is regarded as a redundancy (weird, I know) which means they have to give you lots and lots of warning. If they try and spring it on you in February, I’ll help you bitch slap them.


    1. Thanks. Funny thing is that today they were all on about how efficient I was and how much of a pleasant change it was to get someone who actually filed important contract letters etc…we had an issue where a lot went missing with my predecessor.

      I guess i am just feeling so blah that absolutely everything is looking like a bad thing.

      If they made me redundant would I get a pay package (however crappy money would be good).


      1. Well as long as you have been with the company awhile (buggered if I can remember if it is 2, 3 or 4 years) you are legally entitled to a redundancy payment of one week’s pay for each year you have worked there. The thing with your situation is that when you switched jobs it may mean your previous years service don’t count. I know it is the same parent company but it depends on how the subsidaries are set up as to whether your history counts. Fixed term contracts without ‘an objective justifiable reason’ (ie a research project that received a finite amount of outside funding) are becoming a thing of the past. Maybe they were talking about switching you to an open ended contract?


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