Hard Decisions

It has taken me a while to really come to terms with this, and it might seem stupid, but I am really and truly closing Obscurus and my own personal archive, Bewitching (in its current format at least) come the beginning/middle of April. I have come to the conclusion that while I love having my sites, they are becoming too expensive for me to run and having other financial drains (such as my degree course) are far more important. I will continue to write (I can’t stop that anymore than I can stop breathing) but I will continue to post my stories in the LJ format instead. I will be posting all of my past stories (which total 90 if you count the series as one story rather than their individual parts and over 150 if you count each part of each series as an individual) over the next few months on my community (yes, I created a community for them, I want to be able to use more icons to match up with the ships etc…so they are easy to identify).

The new community (ironically enough called “Carinthea’s Fiction”) is found here and I hope to see you there.

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