Sunday Night Catch-up

Well, Sunday is here finally, and after nearly a week of being ill I was sure that I would feel better by now. Unfortunately that is not the case. And I hate that I seem to be spending most of my online time (on here at least) whining about things…That WILL change as soon as I manage to sort a few things out, like money, and well my life in general. And it looks like this may be the last moments (well few months) for Obscurus, as I simply cannot afford it anymore.

I have sinus pain that I would seriously and sincerely like to go, and quickly. It’s giving me toothache and has caused my left eye to just throb continually.

Oh, I don’t mean to whine, honestly I don’t. I just can’t help it. Apart from one teeny tiny piece of good news in the way of a really good grade for my Napoleon assignment, this week has been a crummy way to start the new year.

I have spent the whole of this week in and out of sleep fighting off a cold, or cold like symptoms. I have sinus, sore throat, headache, toothache, and very little in the way of a voice, it’s beginning to bug me.

Let me tell you, if you start to get a sore throat having felt fine the whole of the day then take as many decongestants as you can cope with before your body starts to develop the rest of the horrid symptoms, honestly…

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