FIC: Sex and Showers >18 (Charlie/Tonks)

Merry Christmas rondastarr. It’s a day late, but in my defence, Christmas was only yesterday 😀

TITLE: Sex and Showers
RATING: >18 (Mature)
CHARACTERS: Charlie Weasley and Nymphadora Tonks
DISCLAIMER: The characters are definitely not mine, they are the property of JK Rowling, Bloomsbury, Scholastic, Warner Bros…etc…
DEDICATION: rondastarr
SUMMARY: Tonks gets what she wants in the Quidditch showers. Total PWP.

Nymphadora Tonks didn’t like to admit it, but she really was a Quidditch groupie. Every night, no matter what the weather, if the Gryffindor Quidditch team were on the pitch practising for a match she would be out there, her cloak wrapped tightly around her, watching the ever-surprising grace of Charlie Weasley as he chased after the Snitch.

She knew that he went for blondes, and busty ones at that – she had seen him with them a few times on Hogsmeade weekends when he had sneaked away from the group to enjoy himself in the Hogs Head, but she wasn’t going to give up that easily.

Standing just outside the door to the boys’ changing rooms, Tonks fiddled nervously with the ends of the burgundy ribbon that was, for today, tying back her shoulder-length curly blonde hair, twisting it around her fingers then untwisting and starting again. She had seen them all go into the changing room after practise, and she had seen all but Charlie leave, which realistically meant he was the only one left in there.

After twisting the ribbon draped over her shoulder a few more times she took a deep, calming breath and pushed the door open, peering into the dimness of the room that reeked of testosterone.

She’d been there again, that little Tonks girl who had been following him around for months. He had been teased almost constantly by his teammates, but he had taken it with a shrug and a grin. Every member of their team had an admirer or two that was, secretly of course, the real reason that most of the boys from fourth-year up tried out for the team. Sure they would tell each other on the pitch that it was because they were good and enjoyed the game, but in the locker-room they always admitted that it really was down to the fact that it made them that much more desirable to the opposite sex!

Leaning his head against the cool tiles in the shower, Charlie rubbed his sore shoulders, they ached from the Bludger that had whacked him in the back at the beginning of practice. He was really going to have to have a word with the beaters before the next game to make sure that didn’t happen when house pride was at stake. The hot water dripped through his hair onto the aching muscles of his neck and a low moan escaped his throat as he rolled his shoulders and smoothed his soap-covered hands over his chest and down to squeeze his post-training erection. They weren’t a normal thing for him and he was relieved that he was the only one of the team who had decided to stay and have a shower this afternoon. Damn Nymphadora Tonks and her teasing smiles. Damn her for being at every single practice with her multicoloured hair and twinkling eyes. Damn her for following him around like a personal harem begging to be used. Damn her for making him ache like a boy without any control.

Tonks’ breath caught in her throat. She had often wondered what he would look like naked. In fact it had been a large part of most of her fantasies for the last eight or nine months. The reality was far more than she had dreamed, he had a firm tight arse and his back, although marred with a few bruises and scars from practice, was a work of art, all hard muscle and speckled with light freckles. She watched, intently, as Charlie smoothed his hands over his skin, soap bubbles covering the flesh for mere moments before they started to trail slowly down his back and over the back of his strong thighs.

Clearing her throat with a quiet cough, Tonks shrugged off her cloak and let it trail behind her in the water as she walked to him, her fingers shaking slightly as she reached out and stroked them across his muscular back almost reverently. “Do you want some help washing your back?” she asked, her quiet voice already husky with arousal.

Forgetting that he was completely naked, Charlie spun round, his wet hair flicking droplets of water on Tonks’ flushed face. “What are you doing in here, Nymphadora? Did you take a wrong turn somewhere perhaps?”

Tonks couldn’t look away. Sure she’d had fantasies about naked men, Charlie in particular. But she had never dreamed in a thousand years that he looked like this, the head of his cock was an angry purple, the tip coated with a clear liquid, his fingers were still curled around the hardened length, his thumb stroking the skin gently. ”Uh…what?” She forced her avid gaze away from his erection and met his eyes with her own slightly glazed ones. “What did you say?”

Grinning just a little bit, Charlie tugged Tonks by the wrist until she was under the spray of the shower, and then manoeuvred them both so that her back was up against the wall. “Did you see everything you wanted?” He stroked one hand down her cheek lightly, his other hand curling around her left wrist and gently guiding it down until her slender fingers was curved around the hard length of his cock. The grip of his hand over hers, showing her what it was he needed her to do.

Tonks couldn’t believe that this was actually happening. She tightened her grip around his length just a little and started to stroke him up and down…up and down until Charlie’s hands were both resting against the shower wall, his eyes closed tightly in an effort to control his reaction to her touch.

Tonks was fascinated. She watched as her hand stroked along his soap-covered cock. She took a deep breath and then slowly lowered to her knees, the thought of what she wanted to do making her already wet knickers more uncomfortable against her sensitised, aroused flesh. “Do you like that?” She hated that she sounded naive, but she couldn’t help her inexperience. Charlie groaned loudly, his hips thrusting closer to her as she moved in, her tongue poking out between small white teeth and full lips before she closed those lips around the tip of his cock and began to teasingly rub her tongue in a circular motion around it.

“Dora,” Charlie managed to bite out in between harsh gasps for breath. His entire being was focussed on what Tonks’ lips and tongue were doing to him. He wanted nothing more than to sink his fingers into her hair and tug her closer until his full length was thrusting into her hot mouth. “Fuck!” His voice was strained and he could feel his knees weakening the more she sucked and rubbed her tongue along his length.

Tonks could feel the proof of her arousal slowly dripping down her inner thighs and she rubbed them together in an effort to release some of the pressure building up inside her. She could feel the desire swelling inside her and she wanted to feel his fingers on her arse, pulling her closer as he slid inside her. She continued to touch him, one hand fondling his twitching balls, her other hand sliding down her own body, slipping beneath her indecently short skirt and between her legs to push aside her sopping knickers before brushing against the sensitive swollen nub of her clit.

Charlie couldn’t take it anymore. The scent of her arousal was teasing his nostrils and he could feel an explosion building inside him. “Dora…stop!” he took a deep, controlling breath and speared his fingers through her long curls, gently tugging her mouth away from him, groaning when she paused to press a quick kiss to his pre-cum coated tip.

Charlie didn’t even pause to think or ask any questions. He pulled Tonks to her feet, tugged her elasticated skirt down over her thighs, letting it drop to the floor. He pushed her knickers to the side and thrust two eager fingers into her wet pussy, rubbing against her needy clit before pushing into her. “You’re a naughty girl, Nymphadora Tonks,” Charlie growled in her ear as he lifted one of her legs over his hip. He looked her right in the eyes as he withdrew his fingers from her clasping heat and plunged his cock into her so hard that her head rolled back and banged against the wall. A choked gasp left her mouth as she dug her fingernails into his shoulders, clinging onto him as he continued to drive into her, her name a garbled sound against her damp neck.

Tonks felt like she was dying. Her vision was a blurred pinpoint and her whole body seemed poised on the brink of something that she couldn’t quite seem to reach. Charlie could feel her tightening around him, he smoothed one hand down between their bodies, and twisted her clit between a thumb and forefinger, desperate to see her melt against him. Leaning against her, he buried his face in the curve of her neck and bit into the sensitive skin, sucking on it until he was sure it was going to leave a nice purple mark. Normally he wasn’t so primitive, but for some reason, this girl brought that out in him.

Moaning against her neck he thrust his hips against hers, his body pressed so closely against hers that it was impossible to tell where he finished and she began.

Charlie lifted her leg slightly on his hip, changing his angle just enough that he was hitting a spot inside her that sent her body into wild uncontrollable shakes. She arched her back, her head flung back against the tiled wall, his name leaving her lips on an animalistic cry. She didn’t care who heard her, all she cared about was letting go.

Charlie thrust inside her one…two times more and came with a roar, his hot seed flooding inside her as he had to fight the urge to collapse to his knees. With one small movement of his hips against hers, Tonks felt something that had been coiling inside her for the last amazing moments unfurl and snap, hurling her into the abyss.

Breathless she sagged against the wall, before wrapping her arms tightly around Charlie’s neck and, for the first time since this encounter had begun, pressed her mouth to his. Her tongue teased at his lips before pushing between them and battling with his tongue intimately as they sank slowly to the floor of the shower.

Rolling until he was on top of her, his dark blue eyes staring down into her ever-changing ones, Charlie broke the kiss and grinned, feeling relaxed and aroused, and something else he didn’t quite recognise. He felt a little bit more than worried by this new emotion and so he chose to ignore it. “Ready for another round, Nymphadora?”


6 thoughts on “FIC: Sex and Showers >18 (Charlie/Tonks)

    1. My pleasure, it’s been a long while since I have written something without any story, and it was a very welcome respite from Napoleon.


  1. Whoa, slutty, wet, Charlie and Tonks. Very nice. Hmmmm. Can’t get the image of wet Charlie alone in the showers out of my head. 🙂 How could the girl possibly resist. Hee. Thanks Raye.


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