Go Me!

I have found my inspiration for getting homework done – strange though it has proven to be.

I had all day off to get this assignment finished ready for posting tomorrow and all I ended up doing was breaking two mugs (my only decent coffee mugs I might add), and reading lots of smut on the Smutty Claus journal – see, I am so good at procrastinating that I can make the stuff I do sound good 🙂

I knew that I had to do this essay and because it was so blatantly broken into two 750 word parts I decided to write one last night and the other today, little realisting that today I just wouldn’t be able to do it because I just didn’t want to. Last night my favourite Christmas movie was on (and it’s not at all traditional). Die Hard, Bruce playing the hard nut New York cop who swears like a trooper and takes on the sexy German-accented Alan Rickman in a Los Angeles towerblock.

Anyway, sitting down watching that I managed over 1000 words which meant much editing was necessary, but it also meant that the essay was finished, I had more material than I needed and had my pick of the necessary, the sort of okay and the “you can get rid of this if you want it’s just filler”. When I finished it I even read it through and was pleased with what I had produced.

Well, tonight (my day was further interrupted by shopping with my sister and her children – unplanned but enjoyable all the same), Die Hard was on again (don’t ask I don’t get it either, British TV is weird), closely followed by Die Hard 2 (Bill Sadler even at his age is still sexy – I’ve met him!) and now I find that I have finished both parts of the essay, they are now spell-checked, printed and in an envelope ready for posting.

I believe that I need to purchase myself a copy of the Die Hard trilogy (because the TV versions are okay, but the ad breaks aren’t long enough for the toilet!) and watch that whenever I have an essay to write.

Tomorrow, now I have finished the hellishness that was the life of Napoleon through the eyes of Joseph Fouché and Stendhal, I am going to see King Kong.

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