Being a woman sucks

Well, this morning has proved to be more than a little bit embarrassing. I am at home because going to work would be more than a little bit of a nightmare.

I decided as I was stuck unable to go too far from the bathroom (yep, probably far too many details) that I would make use of the time, so I did a pretty redesign of my lj – all in pastel blue (yep, it really is pastel blue) and a new set of banners and a few new icons.

I am stuck at home on my own today – I like the house to myself, but I do like being able to go out to get things, this means that while I would love to go and get something nice to eat, I can’t go to the shops or anywhere.

As I said – I hate being a woman!

2 thoughts on “Being a woman sucks

    1. The only thing I had to do was design the banners though – this new layout – the 3-column one – does the rest for you, I didn’t even have to put in the code for the space at the top for the banner 😀


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