I passed!

Well, it wasn’t a great grade, in fact I scraped by with a C, but I still passed on the essay that I was sure would be my downfall. I am now relieved that even my crappiest work gets a relatively okay grade…54-63 is a C, I got 56! So at least I didn’t fail!

Some of her comments made me laugh, I don’t think she quite realised how close to just writing and withdrawing from the course I was by the time I reached hour 65 on that weekend!

5 thoughts on “I passed!

  1. What? 54 is a C? HOLY CRAP. 54 here is failing. That’s what I have in my Western Civ. I wonder if my mom would find it funny if I told her I managed a C in that class, meaning according to Brit terms. *ponders*


    1. Ahh but that’s not out of 100!

      And blimey, had I realised my hair was this long I would have visited a hairdresser to get it styled for my work Xmas do!


    1. Thank you. Writing that essay dragged me to the edges of sanity (although admittedly that particular journey isn’t too far for me in reality) and I really did nearly drop out because of it. Had I failed and lost that much needed 10% I think that I would have experienced a large number of problems garnering any energy to write the next one.

      So it’s definitely ‘Congratulations’ without the ‘?’


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