I am freaking just a tiny bit at the moment. I have been ill for the last week and only now am I getting back on my feet properly (I still ache all over and the headache seems almost perpetual), and this means that I am days behind (actually being honest almost two weeks) in my course work. I have a deadline coming up, of the 16th December (which I have worked out is only two and a bit weeks away) of a 1500 word essay about Napoleon, and I haven’t even finished the reading yet. Yep, now you can see my cause for panic.

So far this course is something that I am not overly happy about. We are not doing anything (material wise) that I have found any kind of enjoyment in (in fact it has proven to be quite a drag and I can think of about 50,000 things I would rather have done with the two days vacation I used at the beginning of the month to finish my essay on Rousseau and Don Giovanni). I am determined that I am going to finish this course – next year is so much better where the material is concerned – but it is proving so much more difficult than I had hoped because I am slowly losing all will to do anything about the homework that is quickly amassing.

I am trying to motivate myself, but as some of you know I am very good at the procrastination. My room (where I do all my study) is also the only room in the house that contains more than the basics regarding entertainment. I have a DVD recorder, a vcr, an X-Box, a 5-disc cd-player, and of course the computer with the 2-meg internet connection. If I work downstairs I won’t get anything done because my nan is one of the most annoying people on the face of the planet and thinks that my being anywhere near her is cause for a conversation (for that read: argument about nothing of importance). Running out of time is something I can feel myself easily doing and I don’t want to – I want to get the assignments done and posted, and I was so sure that I would be ahead having read the additional text books before the course even started…but when the course started thus my procrastination began (and I am so good at that I have been crowned Queen of Procrastinaia).

I can now see myself seeing about getting an extension on the assignment – the only problem with getting an extension is that it pushes everything else back by the extra time that I get for this one assignment, and I really don’t think that would be a good idea at all – being behind on something that I could potentially finish in a few days were I to buckle down (which I see problems with) would only lead to problems further down the road.

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