If I ever find the person who I caught this bug from I am going to make them sorry for breathing near me. I am guessing that it was at the cinema on Monday night (there were a lot of children there) OR it could have been at my sister’s when I went there to babysit (two of her three had bugs of some kind or another). Today I am aching all over, haven’t done a whit of work (although I did manage to upload all of my fic onto Bewitching Fiction – look for an update of the site proper over the next few months).

I haven’t had the energy over the last two days to catch up on any of the shows that I have been downloading, nor have I done any of the writing or revision that I COULD have been getting on with – poor Viktor is probably cursing my very name as he is at a vital point in his seduction of Katie and I just left them both hanging…

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