Life…An Update

Well I admit that I have been pretty much missing in action this last week and a bit – although admittedly I have had time to design a banner and change my LJ layout (again). I figure that it’s about time for one of my nice updates – you know, after I have been lazy for a while and not updated anyone on anything and could have been abducted by aliens for all my online (awake) presence. So here it is (the update!).

1. I finished my Don Giovanni/Rousseau essay. I took two days off work (Friday-Monday) and worked on it for 60 hours, that’s 20 hours on Friday, 10 on Saturday, 10 on Sunday and then another 20 on Sunday thru Monday. But it’s finished, it has been sent in (which is good as it was due today) and by the time I had finished it I had lost the will to live. I am one relieved puppy.

2. I have started on the reading about Napoleon and his influence on the period of Enlightenment in France. Apparently I am meant to find the Stendhal biography so interesting that I am going to want to read all 87 chapters of it although the assignment is generous and only makes 53 of them compulsory reading. Well, I will reserve judgement on it. I can’t see how I am going to find a book by someone who enjoyed Mozart’s Don Giovanni, and actually listed it as his favourite opera, a must-read. Well, I have until next Friday to get all the reading on these two chapters done before I have to start on the next bit (wish me luck).

3. I have done a teeny (and by this I mean miniscule) bit of Katie/Viktor writing. I have managed to write just under a page of Indulgence: Part 2 – also known as the Katie/Viktor smut – (which I had promised would be finished a considerable time ago). Unfortunately life escaped from me and I steal a few moments here and there to write bits (mostly at my desk when I am waiting for something else on the computer to finish processing). I will get it finished, but right now I am not quite sure when that will be (it has to be soon or else I will lose that will to write it).

4. New Job. I just realised that I have posted very little (if anything at all) about my new job. It’s going well (at least I think so). My old job doesn’t seem to want to let me go, in fact I got a call from the dragon yesterday saying how much she missed my presence in the office (yes, I was also rather surprised). The new job is a challenge, although sometimes I feel like I am banging my head against a wall, but I think that is more to do with the transition. It’s nice being independent for a change, and I seem to get a lot more done with the headphones on and Daniel Powter blaring out about his “Bad Day”.

5. Surprising fact. Apparently “The Dragon”, as I had taken to naming her because of her ability to breathe fire over everyone, misses me. Yep, she actually called me yesterday at around lunchtime to let me know that I was missed in the office (apparently for more than my computer skills). She said that she had appreciated everything I had done for her, and hoped that perhaps one day I would come back to work for the team. My response to this (at least in my head) “not bloody likely!”

6. New Journal Layout. It’s temporary, but it’s an homage to Viktor Krum (or rather the gorgeous chocolate eyes of Stanislav Ianevski who plays him in the movie – review will be posted later).

7. LJ Friends Only. I have done this for a reason – which I am not going to go into here – even though this post is locked. Let me just say that it is done, I am not changing my mind, but I know that (as with lots of other journals) some people come to my LJ to read fic – well, they will still be able to do that, but in future – unless the story is a gift for someone – my fics will be posted on here (so they are convenient to find for those on my flist) and they will also be posted on my website – which I have been extremely remiss about updating (but that will change through necessity). I am contemplating doing an LJ (as many others have done) that is solely for fic – but that is something I will decide at a later point (and will be determined by the amount of fic I get the chance to write because of time restrictions) – if I do then I will post some of my back-catalogue on there also (because of linking on posts that I have done in community journals).

And now on with the rest of the stuff…
Social Life: Well, what can I say about this one? That can be considered as updated in the stuff written below about the goings on of today…

Harry Potter…I am going to post a detailed review in a separate post so people can pick or chose whether they read anything about my opinions or not – remember whatever I write – these are my own opinions!

Well now that the update is written let’s get on with today. Talk about a nightmare. I woke up at 07.37, then had to shower so quickly that you would not believe. I had to leave the house as soon after 07.45 as possible to get into the office for 08.00 as that is my starting time now. Well, I managed it, but only by the skin of my teeth, but I can’t help thinking that set the precedent for the rest of the day. Sophie came in this morning and the first thing she said was “You look really tired”, I guess she’s probably right, I was studying until pretty late last night, but why is it that it is always on the day that you need to be everywhere exactly on time to make sure things run smoothly that you are always running late? Maybe it’s just me? Perhaps I should do a survey!

When you run late for one thing do you find it has a knock-on effect?

Do you find that you always run late on the day that you can’t really afford to because you actually have plans that rely on you being on time?

Answers on a postcard to…no, just kidding, but if you want you can post your replies here!

This afternoon/evening started with me running around even more like a headless chicken. I met a friend for lunch at 12.45 at the bar across the road (they do great chips in there) and we had a drink and a chat to catch up on the gossip. This afternoon straight from work I went to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and straight after that I met a friend (and ex-colleague) for dinner in Pizza Hut (yep we are seriously the last of the big spenders). We had a bit of a catch up about things including the gossip from the office where we both used to work and had a giggle about almost everything (something that always happens when we get together). She thinks that my Krum/Ianevski obsession is hysterical (perhaps she just hasn’t seen a good enough close-up of his muscles and his eyes *drool*).

And now I am looking back at this post in Word I think that two full A4 pages (and over1,400 words) is perfectly adequate for a weekly update. I will try to get more frequent updates done, but my life is just that boring. And I have just realised (well actually, when checking the word count on this essay) that I took less time to write this 1,400 or so words than I did to write 750 words about Rousseau, or the 750 about Don Giovanni (which I worked out actually took a total of 96 hours in two and a half weeks – although really spread out over just 12 days – so on top of my 7.5 hour working day I was working another 8 hour working day)…Well, the essay is now over 1,400 words and growing with every sentence that I add to this last paragraph, so all that remains for me to say now is this “talk to you later…”

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