A Long-Overdue Update

Yes, I am very aware that it has been over a week since my last update and I am sure that, given much time and wasted energy, I could give any number of weak excuses as to why that is. Being totally honest I don’t have any good excuses. Simply put, I was being lazy.

In order here are all the things that have been going on since last Wednesday morning my last update):

1. The new job. This is actually proving to have been an extremely well-timed and good move.

I have plenty to do to keep me busy, but at the same time there is no unpaid overtime; there is flexi-time (which means that I go into the office at 8, have a 30-minute lunch, and finish at 4), which means I get home at 5pm (actually to the house, not out the office doors); and I am not run so ragged that I no longer get that lunch break I really should have.

The department itself is made up of 10 people (a few of them part-time), and is therefore very quiet the majority of the time. That’s not to say that we don’t have our moments, but it’s no longer a case of wishing that someone would shut the hell up so I can concentrate on something.

Also, the office is in town, which means that if I do have something to do I can either take a longer lunch break and walk out to do it, OR I can wait until I finish for the day and do my few errands then (yesterday I managed to buy a new pair of trainers in just 5-minutes)

I have been called a few times by my old department, and some jobs did carry over, but they are all done and dusted now and I am finally finding my feet (or at least my toes are touching the ground).

2. My writing. To put it bluntly HA! I have no time right now, and unless I get my butt into gear pretty sharpish (see point 3) the writing is something that is going to have to be put on the back burner for a long time (probably at least until after Christmas)

3. Homework. I HATE DON GIOVANNI!. For the last few weeks I have been struggling like you would not believe to get just 750 words written that aren’t all “This sucks…I hate it…the music is like a funeral dirge…how can they say this was the best opera of its time…” about this particular 3-hour nightmare that I have had to watch twice (and fallen asleep both times I might add). This is the first part of my first assignment, it is due in less than two weeks and so far I have managed to write 225 words and that was like drawing blood from a stone. Doing this particular part of the assignment and finding problems with actually writing it has caused me no end of delays in catching up with the rest of the course…so I know exactly what I am going to be doing before and after I go to London (see point 4).

4. Have you seen the list of actors from HP that are going to be at the official International Premiere on Sunday? OMG it’s like my dream come true 🙂 . Saturday I am heading up to London with Erin and Karen (slythhearted and msgordo). Of course it was my suggestion to go up the weekend that we are and see all the celebs arrive – I am sure that there will be a few non-entities (meaning Big Brother participants and the Beckhams) there, but on the most part it will be almost the ENTIRE cast of the movie! Squee…I will bring photos back (I am determined to get at least a few!).

So all that remains for me to say is until next time and watch this space.

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